Bachelorette Party

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When a woman is about to be married, her last night of freedom and rite of passage is celebrated with a Bachelorette Party. Bachelorette parties vary as much as everything else regarding the wedding - and the bride's personality should once again be considered in the style, venue, games etc.

Companies specializing in planning these parties alongside the Maid of Honour are of great help and services often include party themes, gifts and games, transportation and organization. Appropriate bachelorette gifts bought by the guests include lingerie and adult toys like fur-lined handcuffs, bath products and gift vouchers for spas.

These parties are attended by the bride-to-be's best girlfriends and meant to be fun or pampering to her and putting her in the centre of attention. If the party is held at a private venue the organizing party needs to plan and think of everything in advance, such as catering, decoration and how bachelorette drinks are made.

Examples of favorite bachelorette drinks are:

Blow Job
1 shot of Kahlua
½ shot of Peppermint Schnapps
Serve in shot glass and top with whipped cream.

Between The Sheets
1 shot of brandy
1 shot of triple sec
1 shot of light rum
Shake and strain into cocktail glass

Comfortable Screw
1 shot of vodka
¾ shot of Southern Comfort
Fill with orange juice,
Serve in highball glass.

Flaming Orgasm
1 Lager
1 ½ shot of. 151 rum
Flame the 151 rum,
Drop it in the beer,
And chug it down.

Fuzzy Screw
¾ shot of vodka
¾ shot of peach schnapps
Fill with orange juice and stir in highball glass.

Long Island Iced Tea
½ shot of. vodka
½ shot of. triple sec
½ shot of light rum
½ shot of gin
½ shot of tequila
1 shot of sour mix
Splash of orange juice
Splash of coke
Shake and strain into a tall glass with added lemon wedge.

Sex on The Beach
1 shot of vodka
¾ shot of peach schnapps
½ full cranberry juice
½ full pineapple juice
Stir in highball glass.

Screaming Orgasm
2 shots of vodka (screamer)
2 shots of amaretto
2 shots of kahlua
2 shots of light cream
Shake, strain into lowball glass

Slow Comfortable Screw Against The Wall
½ shot of vodka
½ shot of sloe gin
½ shot of Southern Comfort
Fill with orange juice
Splash of galliano
Serve in highball glass.

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