Gorgeous Hair

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Hair is as important as the make-up and dress for the Big Day. As with everything else, one needs to consider the dress, the shape of the bride's face and the style of the event when selecting the hairstyle.

Bobs are short and sassy cuts where the hair ends underneath the earlobes or under the jaw-line. Suitable for straight hair and informal weddings.

Buns consist of hair gathered at the crown or neck-nape with pins. Suitable for formal weddings.

Chignons are when the hairs is knotted at the neck-nape or at least low down. Suitable for sophisticated and formal weddings.

Finger-curls are done to damp hair and the rippled waves are sprayed into place when dry. Suitable for informal, sophisticated weddings.

French twists are when the hair is rolled and worn at the back of the head and kept together with pins. Suitable for traditional Western weddings.

Remember the following:

- Use your time wisely and look for favorite hairstyles while you have the time.
- Backless dresses are complimented by an up-do and ringlets are stunning with ball gowns.
- Avoid trimming, colouring and perming your hair for 6 months prior to your wedding.
- Avoid partial highlights if you want an up-do for the Big Day. Two-tones in that style are not flattering.
- Consider the use of clip-on extensions and hairpieces.
- Stay true to your usual style and avoid a sudden wild hairstyle when your usual style is more natural.
- Schedule your hair appointment enough hours before the ceremony.

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