Jewish Wedding

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The Ketubah is a marriage contract of over 2,000 years old and gets signed in the presence of witnesses before the ceremony.

At the ceremony:

- The couple will be wearing a kippah and tallit as head covering and prayer shawl.
- The canopy is known as the chuppah and symbolizes the shared future for the couple and it is a symbol of love and fidelity.
- The couple will share a glass of wine from the Kiddush cup which symbolizes the sweetness of their love for each other.
- Traditionally couples exchange wedding bands of plain solid gold without any adornments or gemstones.
- The breaking of glass signifies that as glass cannot be mended, the marriage is irrevocable. Often this practise is the signal to the ceremony's end and accompanied with congratulatory shouts of 'Mazel Tov'

Ceremonies are on a Sundays and men (wearing kippurs) and women sit separately.

After the ceremony the couple will immediately retreat to the yichud which is a place of seclusion for their first private moments as husband and wife.

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