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The bride's face and her maids needs to look radiant and flawless with as little evidence of cake-on make-up as possible. This is your Most Beautiful day and good make-up is of vital importance.

For a flawless finish use products that work with your skin type and start a skincare regimen 6 months before. Visit reputable salons and go for regular facials. Wear sunscreen daily and drink plenty of water during the last month especially. Pay attention to your diet, exercise and sleep.

If you plan to do your own make-up, make sure your bag has what it needs:

- Bronzers for a sun-kissed look without the rosy glow.
- Concealers including the illuminating under-eye shadow concealer, the cream concealers for veins and spots and the medicated camouflage to take care of pimples.
- Foundation primers are colour-free creams to even out skin tone before adding foundation.
- Tinted moisturizers are lightly colored, sheer moisturizers that even the skin tone while giving radiance.
- New (but tried and tested) make-up to give you exactly what you want. If a product needs to be water-resistant, test it beforehand!

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