The Bride

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This is your day, so take note of these tips and have the most beautiful and memorable fairytale-day ever!

Food and Anxiety
Eat whole foods, drink plenty of water and/or herbal teas and stay away from caffeine, sugar and bloating foods.

Go for a long swim, walk or cycle. Your day will be better for it as your stress-levels will get burnt off and your mood enhanced.

Make sure you sleep 8 hours the night before. Avoid caffeine from the previous lunch and opt for a warm cup of milk with steeped chamomile tea and honey for a tryptophan boost.

Get Spa Treated
Book yourself, alone or with friends, for a special facial and massage - nothing relaxes like pampering!

Decide beforehand what possible pitfalls may be and ask your groom, your parents and/or friends to help with these on the day. You may for instance introduce the caterer to your mother and give her mobile number in case of emergency.

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