The Groom

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Weddings are so often thought of as Her Big Day. But this is a big deal for guys too - right? Nerves are frayed and jokes wear thin. So what is expected of you?

Make sure you are in charge of and initiate getting the following and thus making the day smoother for you and more supportive and special for your bride:
- the wedding rings
- your own clothing
- picking up the expenses for the church and register
- organizing apt transport for your lady
- the honeymoon - organizing a selection of perfect destinations for you two to choose from over a romantic dinner
- organizing the first night hotel and surprising her with it
- insisting on paying for your bride's flowers
- asking your friends to be groom's men - make sure these guys are not just fun-people as on the day you will want the ceremony to be special too.
- a special gift for your bride

Tuxedos and Suits

Guidelines to consider before buying or renting for the groom and his men:

Double-Breasted is suitable for most shapes as it covers unwelcome bulges beautifully.

Single-Breasted (one- or two-button) is suitable for all types with one-button for shorter guys and 2 for taller men.

Single Breasted (three- or four-button) is suitable for tall, slim guys.

Cutaway comes with swallowtail lines and suitable for all shapes.

Tails is suitable for taller men, or at least men with taller legs.

High Vest is suitable for guys without broad torsos.

Low Vest is suitable for all shapes.

Peaked Lapel is suitable for tall and short men - but ideally shorter men should make use of this 'lengthening' lapel.

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