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The maid of honour will liaise closely with the bride during the wedding preparations. She will also look after the bridesmaids, the flower girl as well as any page boys.

The maid of honour is often a sister or a best friend.

Your duties include:
- hosting the bridal shower
- attend the wedding rehearsal and be prepared to make a toast at the after-rehearsal dinner
- ensure that your fellow-attendants are informed, prepared and ready
- help the bride dress
- holding the bride's bouquet during the ceremony, when needed
- looking after the bride's train during the day, making sure it doesn't get dirty and adjusting it when necessary
- witness the signing of the register
- organise the attendants during the day
- join the bride and groom, mid-way through their first dance, on the floor with the best man.

What makes the ideal maid of honour?

Being organised, calm and focused, enthusiastic and supportive. You can make this day extremely special to your friend. You have already been given this honour because you are seen as a best friend - now it is your duty to be a best friend on this memorable day.

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Bridesmaids are chosen by the bride and are usually sisters, close relatives or friends of the bride and groom.

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The flower girl is usually selected from the bride and groom's nieces or younger sisters. She is normally older than 5 but younger than 9. A very young flower girl might get restless during the wedding as she might not understand what is going on.

The flower girl walks in front of the bride, either to:
- spread flower petals on the floor before the bride or to
- carry a bouquet of flowers.

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