The Reception

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Table Settings and overall decoration is for many brides second only to the dress. Wedding planners have become very popular to use as the industry is huge and competitive. Wedding themes can include just about any style and the venue can be anywhere if you know where to hire the right tents and other requirements.

Meals are usually taken care of by catering companies and consist of buffet or plated dinners starting with hors d'oeuvres and ending with fruit and cake.

Another fantastic, and budget-friendly, idea is to have a dessert-reception with coffees, champagne, the wedding cake and a few selected sweet offerings.

In the past, receptions used to be paid for by the bride's family, but nowadays more and more couples pay for their own weddings.

Toasts can take place before or after eating and done by the groom and best men, the bride's father and perhaps another good friend of the family. These speeches are, or should be, about wishing the couple well and making the day more special - NOT funnier in bad taste.

Remember! The sharing of a special memory create warm smiles - worth far more than an ill-placed not-so-funny joke, drawing only embarrassed grinning at best.

The Wedding Cake is admired until after dinner. The cutting of the cake is done by the couple and a ritual in itself. They will cut the cake after dancing and feed each other the first bites.

Cakes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and add much to the wedding style. Nowadays cakes can be constructed of chocolate towers or many small wedding fruit cakes stacked to form a larger cake. The use of fresh flowers is also not uncommon.

The First Dance is a photo-opportunity and very special, if nerve-racking, to the couple. Nowadays there are dance instructors especially for this purpose, preparing the bride and groom to look good and competent on the dance floor.

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