Wedding Ceremonies

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The traditional Western wedding - where the ceremony is in a church, followed by photographs taken in a pretty setting and the reception afterwards. This is the most popular type of wedding is to couples from all ethnic backgrounds nowadays.

A honeymoon and wedding all-in-one is for the couple who want to travel especially to a destination such as an island to have a romantic ceremony and honeymoon while there - with or without guests.

A weekend wedding is ideal for couples wishing to stretch the whole pleasant experience out and spoil themselves (and their guests) with spa treatments and other leisure activities.

An elopement is an exciting rebellious act for those wanting to only share the moment with each other. It is usually followed later by a celebration which can include family and friends.

Wedding vows

Consider the following guidelines:

- Use 10 words to describe your relationship.
- Use 10 words to describe your partner.
- Refer to a memory when you were both incredibly happy.
- Refer to a memory when you went through a personal low and your partner was there for you.
- Refer to the memory when you first fell in love with your partner.
- Describe what marriage means to you.
- Express everything you want to with no regrets later.
- Consider your friendship for each other and what you want for the future - of light hearted nature!
- Stay sincere.
- Don't embarrass your guests and keep details away from too intimate.
- Don't bore people with a vow that just drags on and on.
- Write the copy of your speech out to have during the ceremony.
- Practise the vow-speech often and make sure you speak slowly and clearly.

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