Wedding Dress Accessories

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Ensure you accessorize to complement. Consider the points below before making a purchase:

Body Support

Body shapers are slimming on the thighs, hips and stomach.
Bustiers are worn as brassieres and are tight-fitting.
Cinchers are slimming one-pieces.
Control tops are tight fitting and slimming on the hips, thighs and stomachs.
Corsets are fantastic options for strapless gowns.
Girdle tops hold in the stomach while serving as pantyhose too.

The glove

Elbow gloves ending just below/above the elbow is ideal for semi/formal short/cap-sleeve gowns.
Gauntlet gloves look like a sleeve and are suitable for strapless dresses.
Gloves without fingers are great because the ring exchange is easier.
Opera gloves reach the upper bicep and is suitable for strapless/sleeveless formal gowns.
Short gloves ending just above the wrist is suitable for cap and long-sleeve gowns.

The headpiece

Back-pieces are combs or barrettes, fastened to the back-veil. Suitable for in/formal.
Bun-wraps are round bands surrounding buns. Suitable for long, thick hair.
Combs are small and are attached to the veil via teeth. Suitable for short hair.
Crowns are formal and decorative. Suitable for long hair.
Half crowns are taller than tiaras but smaller than a crown. Suitable for formal outfits.
Headbands are semi-round bands. Suitable for short and long hair.
Juliet caps are skullcaps that are round and small with gems and/or pearls, fitting on the back of the head. Suitable for round faces.
Pillbox hats are round and small. Suitable for short hair and daytime weddings.
Poufs are the 'high' bit of the veil and attached to it via combs, headbands or other. Suitable for: round faces.
Tiaras are semi-rounds, adorned with jewels or beads. Suitable for all.
Wreaths are crowns of natural material such as flowers or foliage. Suitable for natural weddings.


Ankle Strap fastens above the ankle.
Ballet Slippers are flat and often made with ribbons to criss-cross around the ankle.
A pump, slipper or sandal made of luxurious fabrics like satin.
Flats are heel-less shoes.
Louis Heels are fluted, of any height and flaring at the base.
Maryjanes have round toes with a strap across the instep.
Mules are informal slip-ons, with open or closed toes.
Platforms are raised.
Pumps are slip-ons, ideal for formal gowns.
Sabrina heels are sharp v-shaped heels from the top-to-bottom.
Sandals are open-toed with straps over the top of the foot and/or toes.
Slippers are soft shoes with ribbons or elastic over the instep.
Stilettos have high, thin heels.
Wedges are solid heels that start from the front-to-back of the shoe, raising the heel higher than the toe.


Ballet veils fall to above the ankle and below the knee. Suitable for semi-formal gowns that fall to the floor.
Blusher veils are short and single, covering the face and lifted away to the back during the ceremony. Suitable for all styles.
Cathedrals trail far behind the dress. Suitable for formal ballroom gowns.
Chapels fall to the floor. Suitable for ballroom gowns.
Double tiers are double layered and of different lengths. Suitable for the bride with a longer, oval face-shape.
Elbow veils carry on to the elbow. Suitable for short informal day dresses.
Fingertip veils reach the fingertips as the name suggests. Suitable for all styles.
Fly-aways are of multi- layers falling to the shoulders. Suitable for long gowns.
Fountain veils reach the shoulders or elbows, are gathered at the top of the head and fall around the face in a fountain. Suitable for semi-formal sheaths.
Mantillas are Spanish veils of lace (or lace-edged), fastened to the head with a comb and framing the face. Suitable for semi/formal weddings.
Sweeping veils sweep the ground. Suitable for ballroom gowns at formal weddings.
Triple tiers are of 3 layers in different lengths. Suitable for formal long dresses.

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